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Noise Control


This add-on adds an icon to the tab of any page making a noise. It can't detect if a plugin such as Flash is making a noise, so a different icon is added to tabs running Flash. These are the icons:

The tab is making a noise.
The tab has been muted. You can mute a tab by clicking on the icon.
The tab has active plugins.


Released versions can be downloaded from https://addons.mozilla.org/firefox/addon/noise-control/

Contribute code

Want to add some functionality to Noise Control? Feel free to send me a pull request.

To get this repo in your Firefox profile, clone it and use the Add-on SDK tools to create a working version.

Contribute money

Add-ons are available for free, but developing and supporting them does take a considerable amount of time. Please consider making a donation to help me pay my bills. You can contribute any amount you like through PayPal via addons.mozilla.org. (Note though that for amounts smaller than about US$1, PayPal takes most of it.) If you prefer Bitcoin, my address is listed on the same page.